JK House


About Project

Junaid Khan’s House is another example of how sharp geometric lines effortlessly fuse with the natural environment around them. A fine illustration of how pure modernist forms can emulate a living space, the JK house is a 3630 square yard plot located in Bahria Town, Phase 8, Islamabad. The location of this house is intriguing because of the conical shape of the plot that ultimately helped the architects to devise an architectural solution that pushed with the idea of designing a house plan that was spanned out in the form of two wings connected via a central gallery. The core of the house is formulated by the swimming pool which acts as a communal hub for the family as well during their holidays.

The house has also been fused with the surrounding landscape by Architect Mian Israr thereby giving it more visual character and enhancing its architectural language with the massive cubic volumes. The challenge of adding depth to the otherwise monotonal colored house was addressed through the incorporation of green visual elements.

Essentially serving as a secondary house for the client, JK house is equipped with all the modern state-of-the-art fixtures to make it stand out as a vacation home for the client and his nuclear family. The house also makes use of smart lighting and technology as part of its design element.

Making use of simple cubic volumes massed together in dark tones, an iconic elevation of the house is achieved. As per the client’s requirement, the architectural solution to incorporate extruded volumetric forms from a varying material from the main structure also creates more depth to the elevation and makes it stand out.

Coming towards the planning of the house, the house is organized around a central pool which has surrounding courtyards towards the front and back. The living spaces of the house are divided into two wings where the right-wing consists of the social spaces and amenities such as the kitchen, drawing and, dining room. The left-wing is where all the private spaces are located such as the Master bed and children’s rooms. The house also consists of a basement that serves as a personalized space for the client Junaid Khan himself. The basement includes the entertainment area for his guests with a bar, movie theatre, gym, and an office with a separate entrance.

Although it can be argued that Junaid Khan’s residence is a vacation home like any other, it is important to understand that the creativity behind making a house that essentially displays stark geometry and dark colors which give it a very somber look is simultaneously being given a lightness through the incorporation of natural elements such as landscape design. The house is given a holistic touch through this clever design innovation that the architects have collaboratively brought about as an architectural solution.