KL House


About Project

Built on an expanse of 355 square yards in sector D-12 (2013-2014), Khurshid Laghari’s house is a compact yet cleverly planned modern concrete structure that caters to the explicit need of the client to maintain the privacy of the house externally. The main architectural challenge presented in this project was that the client wanted a house that could appreciate internalized views and simultaneously give the family of four open, well-lit spaces within the house that also incorporated the panoramic views of the Margalla and nature.

The home has plentiful internal views that are enhanced in a manner where the residents can freely enjoy the greenery within. Being in an area with houses that are tightly clustered around each other, Architect Siddiqui’s design response to the problem was to build a house that had minimal visual noise about its overall elevation on a street level. The KL house celebrates the use of concrete tiles with grooves that give depth to the structure yet portray a very monotonal and simple façade. This idea was further pushed along the lines of introducing a façade that depicted a subtle connection of the residents in KL house with the neighbors in the form of a solitary window. This window formulates the entire essence of the house’s façade and symbolizes itself as the primary social node between the client’s family and their physical surrounding.

The monotonal concrete façade, ever so subtly connecting the house with the clustered community around it, is given a softer outlook with Chinar Trees that are placed at the entrance of the house. These trees have been used for their aesthetic value (seasonal color changes of their leaves) that give the elevation of the house even more complexity.

As an architectural response to the challenge presented with this project, the house was given a private abode and integrated with formal and informal spaces within, indoor voids and double height areas. Consequently, this enhances the visual and acoustic connection inside the house and gives a sense of social connection amongst the family. This social connection is also enhanced by using fenestrations that make use of natural light thereby making the house a well-lit and well-ventilated space for the users. The entrance makes use of this element using a central skylight installed at the entrance that gives a very warm welcome to the user.

The star of the house is the incorporation of a patio in its interior which not only acts as the core of the abode but also gives the users an open space whilst keeping in mind their privacy. As a result, the green space has been translated onto the first floor as a patio that serves to be a communal hub for the family of four.

KL house can be considered as a minimalist celebration of a family unit. The architectural solution is an innovative one that has delivered the client’s need for a private family space that thoroughly enjoys open and green spaces. The architect has very cleverly enhanced the lack of openness within the house that could be seen via the clustered location and translated that into a lighter space through the incorporation of open spaces with interior views.