SN House


About Project

Surrounded by lush tall trees, this renovation project is on a 40x140ft lot and previously part of a duplex.

Basically there are 02-mirrored identical houses on this lot. The rear house is put on rent while the client is the one facing east.

Since the existing house was inadequately small, the client wanted a uniquely designed, easy-maintenance extra space for his young family The whole house has been designed around existing trees and they are used to reinforce the buildings' identity.

A beautiful banana plant right beside the entrance makes a playful dialogue between the nature and the built. Interestingly both this plant and the building seem growing up together as the plant was only few feet high when construction work began.

The façade mainly comprises of two sharply edged volumes designed in such a way that the house appears to be receding inside. The entrance of the house is somewhat hidden and nestled between these bold masses. A platform hovering over grass pulls the user into the house.

The sharp angles of these masses are repeated throughout the exterior and interior maintaining a very readable design balance.

The color palette is kept on the darker side, primarily to retain the coziness of interior and the hi-modern statement in the exterior. The dark fair-faced plaster work continues throughout the house whereas its brutalistic impression is softened with the use of vertical expanded metal mesh panels.

Adding vertical grooves, which were interestingly inspired by the water streaks running down the facade observed during the construction, further softens these dark and bold masses. Adding subtleness and playfulness, the entrance is somewhat framed by the terrace railings, which are basically single triangular custom- made metal pipes crossing each other.

The interior of the house is as fascinating as the exterior. To welcome the residents, there is a small patio besides the main entrance door, which brings in natural light through a skylight. Upon entrance, the interior opens up through double height space with a bridge in the middle. A central skylight pours in natural light in the house keeping it well-lit throughout the daytime.

The interior color palette is kept minimum and the same textures are used as in the exterior of the house. As the base colors are on the darker side, the quality of natural light coming in the interior through skylights and windows is very pleasing, overall complimenting to the coziness.

The most striking feature of the interior is the staircase unique design as every step is designed in acute angle to retain harmony. The initial three winding steps are rotated as individual masses giving it a swirling effect rather than a typical winding stairs layout. This swirling feature acts as a welcoming feature and to the designer’s revelation, a very attractive play area for kids as they enjoy sitting and climbing up.

While the ground floor has the kitchen, living spaces and master bedroom, the first floor has three bedrooms and added features like a small sitting area and reflection pond terrace. An existing tree outside; shades this terrace, providing sufficient privacy.

Fresh vibrant colors are splashed in the monochromatic scheme of the house through selected furniture, fabrics and decoratives.

Putting his trust in the design team, Salman wished for a small cozy house to accommodate the needs of his family and young children highlighting his focus on innovation. Undeniably this project’s success lies in the client's continuous patronage throughout.